Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Bulimia nervosa: I eat and it's never enough

Who doesn't know the feeling of hunger? Everyone satisfies it his own way. One need a hearty meal of 4 or 5 dishes, some other need just a salad or a cup of coffee to feel full.

Generally speaking, there's a chain "hunger - food - satiety". But sometimes this scheme fails what leads to abnormalities in nutritional behaviour. The last phase in this scheme may be never achieved. In this case people always want to eat something. Having just finished with the meal they are ready to have another one. The feeling of hunger doesn't leave them day and night. Even when they are cram-full they still crave to take a snack. Someone would call it a bad habit. But in fact it's a common eating disorder, a serious illness called bulimia nervosa.

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