Thursday, February 15, 2007

Get over your nightmare!

Bulimia nervosa can become a nightmare. It is very painful to realize that you are losing control over yourself, over the quantity and quality of food that you greedily eat, when you just can’t reach the feeling of satiety. Dose by dose, portion by portion the bulimic is gobbling food with a complete realization that it’s wrong. The person with bulimia nervosa is not capable to concentrated on work, he can’t think of private life as all his thoughts are focused on meal. He will eat until he fells pain in his stomach, then he can cause vomiting and repeat this nightmare over again…

One girl with bulimia nervosa was afraid even to come back home, while nobody was there. If it happened, she immediately went to the refrigerator with a fair intention to make a family dinner. And unintentionally ate everything that was there inside. Then she ran to the shop to buy more products hoping to be in time before her husband. And again ate everything that has just bought. If there was money left the trip to the shop repeated; if there was no money she just sat and cried thinking in horror that she left her family hungry… She understood everything, she was tormented with shame, but she couldn’t help it. She almost gave up.

But I say, never give up! Bulimia nervosa can be effectively treated and even finally cured. Drug and psychological therapy can reduce the number of bulimic episodes to 2-3 a month and eventually eliminate them. There are no dead cases. You just must believe in yourself and feel the strength that you have buried with your fork and spoon. As it is still there!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Bulimia nervosa and obesity

A person with bulimia nervosa sends in his stomach a great deal of food but doesn't reach the feeling of satiety. By analogy with boozers and hard drinkers bulimics call themselves fooders and hard eaters, what reflects exactly the nature of their disease.

Strange as it may seem, but only half of them have excessive weight. All the others, as we say, keep fit. People with bulimia nervosa manage to keep their figure due to morbid fear of obesity, that is considered to be one of the main symptoms of this eating disorder.

Usually bulimics set for themselves the precise limits of weight (that are sometimes a little bit lower in comparison with normal) and try to stick to them as best as they can. They do all kinds of things to achieve the desirable result: they exhaust themselves with sophisticated diets, have fasting days or starve for several days running, jog in the mornings, go in for shaping and aerobics. To speak the truth, not all of them can bear it for a long time and fairly a large number of girls suffering from bulimia nervosa resort to more simple and reliable methods - they vomit after food and use laxatives. All this constitutes the behavioral pattern of bulimic people.